Bailey's HOPE Fund

Bailey's HOPE Vetting Fund

Bailey's HOPE (Helping Owners Pets' Efforts) Vetting Fund has 2 facets to the program.

*Spay/Neuter Assistance - Providing financial assistance for an owned pet to be altered, vaccinated & microchipped. This will ensure a pet receives basic vet care, help control the overpopulation of cats & dogs & assist in lifting the load off shelters & rescues with unintentional litters.

*Vetting Care - Providing financial assistance for an owned pet to receive the vetting care necessary. Our hope is this will help keep the pet with their family, where they belong. At the same time, reducing economic euthanasia & the load on shelters & rescues.

Please see the rules below & submit an application if you qualify. Direct any questions to


1. Reside in Douglas County or Surrounding Counties

2. Meet Financial Requirements: Provide proof of SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, SNAP or other low-income programs.

3. The pet must be a personal pet

4. Applicant must personally pay a portion of vet bill. Personal payment made to Ellie’s Legacy. Ellie’s Legacy pays vet directly.

5. Maximum amount of assistance (TBD)

6. 1 time assistance (TBD)

7. Applicant must contact us if needing to rehome pet for assistance

We hope this program brings a positive impact on pets, their families & our community!